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From a higher perspective

Reality is not fixed; reality shifts and flows as a wave does. …  Nothing is set, static, or predetermined on this plane.  Everything is in constant change.  Your thoughts and perceptions change all the time, creating a new and different reality for you to live. Detachment is necessary if you want to continue on the… Continue reading From a higher perspective

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Only visiting

I so keep getting reminded that we’re only visiting here.  It’s a gig we signed on for.  And once it’s completed, once the work we contracted for is done, we move on.  We don’t get to lolly-gag longer. …And maybe the rest of our work requires our spirit to be free and much more mobile… Continue reading Only visiting

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Interlocking Hearts Necklace

Some days are just crying days…especially when one has lost someone close to her heart…and even when we know–in our head, at least–that they are fine, free, happy, and still with us. And I’m more blessed and reassured than most in some respects.  What others consider woo-woo and paranormal, is everyday normal conversation in the… Continue reading Interlocking Hearts Necklace