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It would have been her 40th birthday.  Somewhere in this day, there had to be cake …  Red velvet cakeShe who said, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!” … It ended up being last, instead.  A late-night grocery store stop after an unexpected road trip to a hospital…
Ironies of how plans change quickly and priorities of what’s important .and where one needs to be, get sifted.  Memories past, and now.
In a bakery case, l peruse pieces.  She would have liked that colorful confetti one; then I see red velvet…  Ah choices…  Red velvet it is. The one who gets to eat the cake, gets to pick.  I feel her smiling.
I savor a few bites in quiet solitude, remembering, and looking out from a kitchen counter in somebody else’s house.  One never really knows at the beginning of a day, how it will look at the end.
All is well tonight. I am grateful.  Being here now and this cake touch a place inside…  Memories and moments are treasured gifts.
I put remaining cake in the fridge, to be shared tomorrow, and head for the computer and then sleep.  I am blessed, tired, and right now, flowing with Life’s river.  Love and blessings – Anne

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