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It depends.  A life coach is all about personal growth, self-improvement, and creating a fulfilled, satisfying life–when you’re done complaining or blaming, and ready for us.
Life coaches are teachers, confidants, spiritual counselors who hold space for, and support, our  normal human process of pragmatic personal growth and self-evolving.
Coach, mentor, guide, director, facilitator, teacher, minister, peer counselor, confessor, confidant, personal growth partner … all of these are role-holder words of those who call us to our greatness, who see our light, and who wholeheartedly support our shining bright and growing into our best, happiest, strongest, healthiest, truest version of our being.
Who in your life helps you do this?  Who sees you?
We thrive in support like this.  We need someone who sees our soul, believes in us, and empowers us to trust in and follow our life and soul’s light.
Self-awakenings, awareness, and growing.  Seeds become trees…  It’s an incredible transforming process.  Human beings began with seeds too, and each one of us is also growing, and part of a natural, incredible transforming process… life coaching for the light, soul, and heart of who you are. 

Blessings, light, and much love. …  Living and growing is truly a spiritual path.    – Anne
PS.  Books written by life coaches… to give you an idea of what they / we do:
Living Your Best Life
Soul Friends’ Guide to Surviving the Pit
Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman
28 Laws of Attraction
and there are so many more.  Create a life worth living…  and partner with a coach who gets you and inspires you to grow.

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