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Reflectors of time

It’s a visit back home — family, siblings, a place we come from; another life we lived there —  a reflection of who we were then, our roots and values, beliefs, world view.

Are emotions coming up? Can you name them?

Even when we lived there, we were changing. At fifteen, our five-year-old shoes and clothes no longer fit. Our language, styles, interests, and awareness were vastly different. Now, too, we have changed.

We’ve traveled and met teachers–catalysts to creating, clarifying, connecting, changing–that led us to this person we’ve become.

And a visit back home, thank it for showing you more clearly who you are now–your values and beliefs that are still part of you–and, thank what’s not, also, for its role in your growing, evolving, and following your own life’s path.

Life changes us; it’s supposed to.  Our belief systems and roles evolve; we change–physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, creatively.  Looking back, we see more interesting threads, persons-of-influence who  shaped and graced our self-becoming.

There are no coincidences

Relationships, work places, roles we play.  Life moves forward, we’re doing whatever we need to do every day; and are surprised when five, ten, or thirty years have passed… in the blink of an eye. How can it possibly be?

Defining moments

These are cosmic stop signs with flashing lights, road blocks, delays…so we have to stop and take notice, become aware. 

Whatever the catalyst that propels us into Life transitions, our work is always the same: Stay connected to our Source; Re-find and love our Selves; and believe and trust that all is going to be okay.

Spirit Soul and Self-Work Support

Walls of Inspiration

A Wall of Inspiration — a collage of faces of women you admire, who inspire you in some way, who are connected to who you are and where you’re growing.  Maybe there are words and quotes and on that wall too.

Mine was full of authors and singers, words and music, the voices of women before me, way-showers, lights…because those are lights for me.  Your wall will be full of way-showers and lights for you; reminders, inspiration of who you are, and this path you’re called and excited to follow.

Magazine Feast

If you’re not sure who you are, what you’re interested in, or where you find inspiration, try this one. Visit a library, a book store, a well-stocked magazine rack you come across. Then take your time and look over all the variety before you. Notice what magazines you’re interested in; and which ones are so not you. All yourself to invest in five or six magazines. What you’ll have is a good idea of what you’re naturally interested in. It may surprise you. It did me. Enjoy discovering and learning and playing with this one.

Inspired Words, Reads, Quotes

We don’t do this life thing alone, any of us. We have others who have gone before us. Some put words to paper and share them–books, pictures, quotes, articles and essays. Feed your soul, spirit, self with words, reading, quotes that uplift and support you.

How will you know which ones? Intuition, internal guidance system, gut feelings…like a magnet inside, you’ll be attracted to what you need. It’s built into us. We have many more senses than those five we learned growing up.

As we feed and care for our body, our spirit soul and self is nourished through our reading, listening, walking, being. I can offer suggestions, if you want them, that others, and I, have found wonderful support from.

Look in a Mirror.

When you look in a mirror, look deep into your eyes, say your name, and add “I love you.” It may feel awkward at first. It wasn’t something most of us were encouraged to do back home, growing up. There were likely all kinds of admonitions about pride and getting a big head or being too full of yourself. We were very young when we first heard those words–too young to differentiate appropriate confidence and self-esteem from obnoxious and inappropriate social behavior. We know those distinctions now. We have permission to look ourselves in a mirror and love this well-seasoned, amazing, perhaps wounded and healing, spirit soul self we are. … and that’s still a work in process.

Blessings and love always. – Anne

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