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Our job is not to figure out the HOW.  The universe will take care of the HOW.
Decide what you want.  Believe you have it, that you deserve it.  Visualize having it, enjoying it.  And release it to the universe.  – The Secret

The world is awash in money.  It’s flowing like Niagra Falls.  And most of us are showing up with teaspoons.  – The ProsperityGame

The problem isn’t a shortage of money.  There is an abundance of it all around us.  The abundance or lack is in our attitude and our perception.  What if we change those.
Keep in mind, we exchange money for something of value to us:   Art, education, services, pursuing our passions.  And there are abundant sources of money all around us.  We just need to tap into the flow.

  • Grants, Foundations, Philanthropy
  • Multi-level Marketing businesses (Mary Kay, Party Lite, Barefoot Parties, Ideal Health, Market America, Shaklee, Melaluca and more)
  • Affiliate programs – get a commission for marketing other people’s products
  • Provide services
  • Sell products
  • Sell information
  • Duplicate successful business models (franchises)

Most of us believe that tapping into the flow of financial abundance  is difficult.  And most people I know would love more money flowing their way to play with.  So let’s play a little with our attitudes and beliefs.
We spend money on things that

  • Entertain us
  • Support us
  • Make us money
  • Feed our needs and desires
  • Enhance our appearance or health
  • Make us feel better

Start imagining lots of money flowing easily and effortlessly into your bank accout.  Feel the joy of having abundant resources and financial freedom.  And PLAY with “paying it forward” and an “attitude of gratitude.”
What if when you write a check, you pause to appreciate the value and pleasure received fromwhatever it is you are paying for.  When we move money around, we are adding to the natural flow of life.  We are helping support service providers and artists, businesses, people, and products we appreciate and who are adding value to our lives.
What services do you pay for with genuine gratitude?  A body worker who has just given you the most wonderful massage?  Maybe your trusted auto mechanic  who has restored your car to dependable running order for a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle?  Or a housekeeper / domestic goddess who loves cleaning and cooking and provides these time-freeing lifestyle-sustaining services to you?  Think of times you have been delighted to write a check because what you received in exchange was so appreciated and valued by you.   That’s a feeling and an attitude that has to attract more just like it.
I’m in this with you.  I’m playing and paying it forward with gratitude.  And I’m open to wonderfully abundant universal surprises.  They don’t always come in monetary forms.  People.  Places.  Things.  Opportunities.  The HOW of getting what we want and need is not all about us and our making it happen.  Sometimes we have to lighten up and remind ourselves that we are not the general manager of the universe.  I’m still learning.
I can tell you this much:  I’m more careful to choose positive words that speak of what I want, rather than the absence of it.  And I’m using my imagination more, and with a sense of fun and playfulness.  And I’m watching movies like The Secret and reading books like Ask and It is Given to inspire me….and also books like The Millionaire Maker and Cash Machine for Life, the 28 Laws of Attraction, and any others that draw my interests.  And music, I’m making a conscious effort to have great song lyrics going through my head…  I hear the muse… Close my eyes, feel the rhythm.  In a flash it takes hold of my heart.  What a feeling….  Being’s believing… I can have it all.  Now I’m dancing for my life.  Take your passion.  Make it happen.  Pictures come alive…  (Flashdance)
PLAY.  Pay it Forward.  An attitude of Gratitude in the exchange.  Affirmations like, There is plenty of money around, and it flows easily, joyfully, and effortlessly into my bank accounts. And
Decide what I want.  Believe I have it, that I deserve it.  Visualize having it, enjoying it.  And release it to the universe.  – The Secret
To all of us living well and bringing all of our BEST to the world around us.  She needs us.  And we are being brought together on the checkerboard of life.

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