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Notes from Paul Wesselmann at Marian College, April 5 2008 |
SEEK COMFORT  – We all have comfort zones.  When we want to GROW, it’s essential to step out of our comfort zones.
Real learning can only take place when we have the RIGHT BALANCE between COMFORT and CHALLENGE.
If people don’t FEEL SAFE, they can’t grow.  If students (or employees or clients or children) don’t feel safe, they can’t grow.
SEEK CHALLENGE – Try something NEW.
ENSURE Balance is OKAY – the balance between COMFORT and CHALLENGE.  We need both to learn.
Create RIPPLES to move forward.
Share GRATITUDE.  Who is on your GRATITUDE LIST?  A list of people to Say Thank You to?
ENJOY Today!
Quote cards from Paul
We advance toward our destiny when we encourage others to reach theirs.
The world is our friend or foe, depending on how we view it.
When we risk going too far, we discover how incredibly far we can go.
What lies before us is daunting, what lies within us is astounding.
To accomplish the remarkable, we must learn to go with the flow.

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