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We all know the current system isn’t working. And there’s much debate on what ‘should’ replace it.
I still believe we need to play the games differently as consumers.
I also believe that we need a Consumers Bill of Rights, including privacy, personal choice in all matters involving our own body and well being, easily visible price tags at the point of sale–just like shopping anywhere else for any other services; and the option to opt out of traditional medical practices, even if that means our life ends sooner.
I believe we need to get employers OUT of the Insurance business–for a lot of reasons. It’s a huge added expense that is passed on to consumers (higher prices), adds no benefit to the employer’s customers or product, and reduces worker wages. Also, an employer needs your Social Security Number because you are paid wages and taxed. That number should not be used with or connected with your medical records, in my opinion. Health insurance policies should be owned personally, like car insurance or any other insurance a consumer purchases.
Maybe insurance is in trouble because it’s seen by more consumers as an expense we are seeing little ROI from. Hmm.
There are proposals for change.
Here are a few pieces that have come across my desk recently. We do need to become more informed and conscious consumers. And perhaps take a stand on who gets our private health information, how it’s used, and what other choices we want to keep for ourselves. I share these to shed a light on some of the issues that directly impact our personal freedoms and information.
Subject: Health Care Reform Bill
This bill will do the following… included are the pages for you to check for yourself.


  • All American citizens will be ordered to have a National ID Card (page 58)
  • The government to have immediate access to every American citizen’s bank accounts via electronic funds transfers (page 59)
  • All property owned by the doctors in the United States to be determined by the government (page 317)
  • All American citizens ordered to give the United States government power over their living wills (page 425)
  • The United States government given a new power to determine who and how their citizens die (page 427)
  • End of life plan for each American citizen ordered by the government (page 429)


Read more – link provided. Then call your representatives.
(Note, link on original message was down; this is a working draft posted on the House website. Pages might not be off slightly.)
This is not about right or left, republican or democrat, this is about our freedom and our freedom to manage our own lives and our own healthcare.
Your thoughts?
Here’s more…from a different perspective.
Health Freedom … information and organizations –
What are the issues?
What are your thoughts and opinions?
and Natural Solutions Foundation

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