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<p>Inspiration from <a href=”;camp=212361&amp;linkCode=wsw&amp;tag=httpwwwwond04-20&amp;creative=380789″ target=”_blank” title=”Lean Forward into your Life”>MaryAnne Radmacher</a>.</p>
<p><em>Days are winged and my promise flies before me.</em></p>
<p><em>You are invited to stand up tall into the whole possibility of yourself and breathe out your wonder upon the world.,,,</em></p>
<p>We think we're not enough.  We compare ourselves to others and find ourself 'less than' and we get discouraged.  Or someone–often someone close that we look up to–asks &quot;Who are you to think you have something worthwhile to offer?&quot;  Or they tell you to 'face reality'…their description of reality; not your vision of it,  Words have power–to drain the life out of our dreams and imagination–or to fill them with life and give them wings.   Follow, honor that which fills you with energy and hope and pulls you forward…in spite of what others may say.  Creativity, callings, inspiration, and art come from within, a divine source, a deeper knowing.  Like attracts like; kindred spirits will feel recognition and be drawn to you.</p>
<p><em>I need to celebrate that I am fresher, stronger, renewed, reinvented, have chosen not to be gripped by my history, the hurt, the disloyalty, the lack of place–this bitterness would only lead to illness, to unproductive days.  Rather than say this is what I do not want, let me instead assert what I do want:  I want to embrace the holy opportunity of each moment.  I have to create new structures with  knowledge and foundation and focus.</em></p>
<p><em>I can be the woman I most admire.  All those qualities are within my grasp.  I can grow in strength and stature.  I can celebrate my quiet spirituality.  I can walk through fires and stand unharmed.  Because no one can damage my spirit without my permission. </em></p>
<p>There is magic in the world; the unexpected and unexplained, universal surprises, miracles; people, places, and experiences; opportunities.  May your eyes see, your ears hear, your heart recognize, and your spirit be open to allowing.</p>
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