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Nine years ago today, WonderSpirit Resources (official name) became a legal entity (at least, that’s the day the decision was made), and I became a president and CEO of my own company. Around then my ‘corporate playground’ day job was also reduced to part-time.
This week marked another milestone also, I turned a big number in my life. It’s not the number that matters as much as the realization that more of my life here is passed than I have left. And that now is a really good time to be all about doing what I’m here to do, and be who I am here to be.
WonderSpirit has always been a personal soul journey, a response to a spiritual calling. Since childhood, I was drawn to understanding and appreciating life, nature, natural laws, high truths that applied across religions and regions and peoples and time and cultures. I collected life wisdom clips and saved them, I was a student of Life and her lessons, and later took up the study of religions…as a woman of 30, with ten years in the legal and justice world behind me, I was destined to be a bridge builder: between the sacred and the secular, religion and spirituality, legal law and canon law, women’s spirituality and men’s spirituality, business and sacred journeys, loving life and missing the joy and pleasure of it.
I look at the classes I’ve created and the notebooks on my shelf with gratitude.

  • Wise Words and other Gifts of the Spirit
  • Professionalism
  • What are you Reading?….Who are you Telling?
  • Circles of Women
  • The Feminine Face of God
  • Understanding How Women Think
  • The Feminine Leadership Model
  • Making Life Count
  • Relationship Secrets and Signals
  • There are Many Ways to Make Money
  • Self-care for Women
  • Simple Spirituality
  • The Confident Woman
  • Queens and Goddesses
  • Goals and Dreams
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Spirituality for Women
  • Help From the Hiring Desk

My vision board this year prominently says: reduce, reuse, recycle, REPROGRAM….
the lens …. Eco-minded entrepreneur,…Great lives begin with great ideas….. Suncatcher…. Be your own Brand ….Beautiful … the Perfect Complements … Sustainability … Money … Win $2500 … a trip to Sedona , Arizona… Smiles …
Who am I here to be the lens for? And I don’t know all the ‘hows’ yet either. Still…it’s about the journey, not just the destination.
Each of us leaves a legacy. When we’re gone, we’ll be remembered. There will be stories. There may be family. There may be creations and companies. While we’re alive, though, that’s what’s important. Not some day. Today, right now, this moment, and the next, and the next. This is the now we are creating how we will be remembered. Act from your heart and soul, the best of who you are, one interaction or transaction at a time.
He started the class by having us design our tombstone–not just the standard statistical version, but something representative of our deeper selves. What did we want our lives to be about? How did we want to be remembered?
An Invitation
Take up that class assignment; design your tombstone, something representative of your deeper self. And share it with me.
To life legacies, sacred journeys, and all cooperative components being assembled.
The WonderSpirit Muse….

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