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Women who leave their religion leave because they are driven out by a power greater than the church. They leave as a last resort. They leave because it hurts more to stay than to leave. These are women of spirit, who believe in the divine, who deeply honor the sacred. No, it’s not only women who leave. Spiritual men do also. Jimmy Carter left his religion for equality. Many women leave for that reason too.
To leave one’s religion changes everything…foundational, fundamental stuff; emotions, feelings, relationships with significant others, sometimes marriages, friendships, social networks, lifestyle… and that’s just the beginning. It’s the beginning of an oftentimes solitary soul journey to fill the voids, heal the emotions, and find what our soul needs,
If this is you, you know. You’re not alone. It helps to talk to others. I’ve been where you are. And it would be my pleasure to create the space to do that, to host an intimate healing and energizing Losing my religion Retreat for Women of Spirit, like you, to talk, to connect, to find one another. It’s coming soon… Ask me for more, or share some thoughts below.

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