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I’ve decided that life is full of catalysts to get us clearer on who we are, and closer to doing what we’re supposed to be doing–big picture stuff and everyday stuff. Catalysts take many forms. It could be a job loss, a death, an event, an opportunity, a chance meeting, a reconnection, our mother or mother-in-law coming to visit, or anything that compels us to take action in a direction that benefits our growth. The lighter catalysts, like the mom or mother-in-law visit, compel us to things like cleaning and organizing a bit better. The heavier catalysts, though–the job loss or a death–often take us into the unknown. And yet, a deeper part of us knows, it’s a very good thing, even when it hurts or there’s sadness or it changes everything. “When you can’t go forward and you can’t go backward, and you can’t stay where you are…you’re on the edge of creation,” (Sue Monk Kidd)
Natural transformations–like giving birth, the emergence of a butterfly, seeds becoming trees, and trees releasing their leaves to stand bare until the spring–dramatically change the way of being for those involved. When it’s us, there is soul time and alone time involved–to adjust, to feel the emotions, to listen to the spirit, and to trust that all is well and we will be okay. That’s Nature’s way.
And somewhere in this, reassurance and healing will come…in connecting with others. Perhaps reassurance that others have taken this journey, and that we will get through it; it may be the need to share the stories–because talking is part of our healing, growing, and processing of experience–and to have someone listen and hear us; it may be the need for touch, for a hug, to know we are still loved and lovable, cared about, and not alone if we don’t want to be.
When catalysts happen, we are in sacred time and space. Clocks and calendars may function in our business life, but our heart and soul and emotions heal and grow in universe time. We reconnect with who we are and what brings us joy.
Honor and appreciate that the catalyst is opening you to grow into your amazing beauty and strength, your art and soul and gift.
On the lighter side, there’s a sense of humor in the ways of the Universe. When catalysts arrive, sometimes you just gotta chuckle and say Thank you.
Love and blessing,
Anne Wondra

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