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Does your company wellness program focus on feeling good, living well, positive attitudes, and being happy?
Does it promote vibrant health, having a lot of energy, honoring the body’s need of sufficient sleep and rest, good nutrition, and regular activity to keep brain and body in optimal operating condition?
Do your company policies and employment practices reinforce and support employee self-care, energy maintenance, work-recreation balance, and healthy home and work relationships?
This is the kind of Company Wellness Program I would love to be part of or help create because the words and actions of both management and production reinforce the desired health and business objectives of:
• Engaged employees with positive attitudes
• Productive employees with more energy
• Reduced or eliminated safety and quality costs
• Less turnover and recruiting expense
• Healthier families,
• Less spent on health care
Most wellness programs begin with a medical health-risk assessment instead of a wheel of life. From a health-risk standpoint, most of us already know what we ‘should’ do…and the likely consequences of doing nothing. The wheel of life question is simply, “How satisfied are you with your life in each of the following areas?”
The next step is a personal session or two with a coach to talk about their wheel and where they do want to grow or change. A personal love-your-life, happiness, well-being plan is created. Additional tools and resources are supplied. And employee classes on Goals and Dreams from the Inside Out, the Environment always Wins, and Thoughts become Things…so think and speak of well-being, and other topics as well. I would also add support elements: offering monthly check-in sessions, or encouraging partnerships or participation in positive mastermind learning and support groups.
There’s a difference between machines and people and what each needs to maintain good and optimal working order and productivity. To many, I’ve described is a lot of ‘soft stuff’. The truth is, even in machines, it’s the soft stuff like the oil and grease that gives the machinery its power and ability to do all the heavy lifting and continue working.
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