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When something is not the way you’d like it, and you have a potentially better idea, propose an alternative. And make the proposal from the perspective of benefits. Start with what you want to accomplish and show how it fits with what the company also wants to accomplish (productivity, profits, safety, healthy and happy employees, low maintenance, cost savings). Common objectives, alternative methods. Company programs, rules, policies and practices are good … until a situation arises that could make them better. Employee proposals help companies innovate to meet changing workforces, customers across time zones, and how, where, and when work gets done. Wellness impacts all of it. If you’ve hired and built a skilled workforce, keeping them in excellent operating condition is as important as keeping your equipment working.
The Proposal worksheet:
What is the current situation?
What is the company position, policy, protocol?
What is your request, your alternative?
How will it benefit the company to allow your proposal?
Logistics, precedent-setting considerations?
A proposed easy form, tool, process, procedure, or system you can offer?
What are you willing to contribute in exchange?
I have created successful proposals and helped strategize many others. And in my years as a corporate human resource professional and wellness program coordinator, I did my best to find a way to say ‘yes’ when employee requests came my way…because I knew it was good business for everyone. If you’ve got an idea, use the proposal worksheet. And when you’re ready, go to the person who can make it happen. Call me if you need me. It’s good for business, and you.

One thought on “The art of the Proposal

  1. Thanks Anne! This was really helpful. I love the questions to help you focus! Also, really a great idea to concentrate on how to make things better instead of focusing on what is going wrong. Thanks so much for all your positive encouragement and inspiring ideas!

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