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Traveled for work this week.  Checked out a rental car, opened the trunk, and discovered a generous supply of picnic supplies–an opened pack of paper plates, napkins, and trash bags.  How thoughtful and appreciated.  Turned out, we needed them.  Two of our lunches were makeshift picnics in quiet parks along the northern Missouri  countryside.  Thank you to the everyday angels who provided them.  And yes, we left the supplies for the next traveler.  Pass it on; pay it forward.
There were other angels along the way too, like the luggage cart in just the right place when we needed it, and the friendly, helpful women at the airlines ticket counter assisting us with check-in of an extra box we didn’t anticipate we’d be carrying back, and patiently allowing us to transfer materials from one suitcase to another to meet luggage weight limits.  There was no one behind us; no pressure.  Angels allowing time and space and ease…
And when we landed, two angels, instead of one, were close by to assist.  Heavenly.
Everyday angels, grace, blessings….so many and much to appreciate.  So in awe of the flow and ease of what and who was needed being there at just the right time.
Home with a grateful heart, loving the journey, and the return

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