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Revelations, confirmations, insights, reminders… **
Line of Clairvoyance: Spiritual Teacher
Highly intuitive, help others move through Spiritual Stagnation to find meaning.  “Crisis of Meaning consultant
Lines of Genius:  Gifted Author and Speaker with a special message for a large audience
Ability to simplify and present complex ideas.  Mass communication abilities.  TV/Radio/Internet – Message comes when you just DO IT!  (Speak the speech, write the book, sing the song, etc.)
School of Love:  To love who you are and see your potential.  You are here to create community and connection.
Note:  You are a master net worker and connection maker.  You’re here to experience exquisite relationships (personal and professional).  You need to master Self-Love first!  You must be willing to recognize and express your true feelings….regardless of other’s expectations.
Big Heart:  Sensitive, Caring
Needs Deep Connection; Nurturing
And Romantic Idealist:  Rational, Thoughtful, Considerate
Needs to feel safe before asking for desires
* Big Heart and School of Love – All about relationship.  Important to be authentic.
Emotions… move through them to a better place.
* Star of Tears – Don’t get addicted to sadness.  No wallowing!
* Life Line – Broken, depleted.  Not fully grounded.  Walk barefoot more.  Careful not to deplete energy.
* Line of Clairvoyance – in both hands…
* Moon Stars – Sudden flashes of intuitive knowledge
* Creative artist – Master of creativity
I am greatly gifted and blessed. 
** Source:  Scientific Hand Reading by Kathy Clegg – “Shine from your Soul.  Connect through your Hands.” (More Perfect Possibilities) 262-224-0774

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