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double-heart necklace
Some days are just crying days…especially when one has lost someone close to her heart…and even when we know–in our head, at least–that they are fine, free, happy, and still with us.
And I’m more blessed and reassured than most in some respects. What others consider woo-woo and paranormal is everyday normal conversation in the circles I work and play in. Some of my friends, clients, colleagues, and associates are gifted intuitives, mediums, and psychics and have eyes that see spirits.  I love these women. They have been an incredible comfort and gift to my life and spirit, especially this year.
When I met with one of them for a ‘Laura session’ after her passing, I came with a list of questions for my sister–and found out Laura had a ,couple of her own for me too.  Wow. I know she’s around…and I know tears are part of the package.
So now, months later, it’s better; only there are still moments–occasional days–when the tears flow more than others. And on one of those days that was especially watery, I got a call from Sara Joy, telling me that Laura had popped in on her suddenly, while she was driving, and was insistent that Sara get a message to me. Sara said Laura even had her drive past my office to see if I was there.
The message:  Laura wanted me to find a double-heart, interlocking-heart necklace with a red stone on it, and wear it, and that I would feel better. Sara described the necklace, and the red stone, and asked if that had any significance to me. It didn’t. No red birthstones in the family. I also didn’t know of any necklace like that.
I did know who had Laura’s jewelry, though, and made a point to ask about it next time I saw her–without telling her exactly why.  As we sat with Laura’s collection, there was still no interlocking-hearts necklace to be found. There was a piece or two that needed a gold chain to go with it–and I had a few extras.
So once home again, I went to my jewelry display to find a gold chain for a little girl. The chains were dusty, having hung there for years probably. Some jewelry cleaning would be in order. And as long as I was cleaning one, might as well do a few more.
It was the last chain on the peg, a very fine, delicate gold chain…and on it hung a gold interlocking hearts necklace with a red stone and a white pearl. A long-forgotten gift from my sister…  I washed it up and put it on.
When I saw Sara Joy next time (we have offices in the same building), I asked her to draw the necklace Laura had shown her. Then I pulled out the one I’d found…  Take a look.
Thank you, Sara…and Laura.

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