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Horseradish is one of those potent ingredients whose taste appeals to you, or it doesn’t.  And if it doesn’t appeal, in a very strong, definite way, you are ultra-sensitive to its presence in anything and everything—no matter how someone tries to disguise it, or how miniscule the amount present.
That’s horseradish for me.
If it’s got horseradish in it—no matter how good it looks or sounds or what other yummy-tasting ingredients it has—I know that it’s not for me.  Over the years, I’ve tried to make exceptions, thinking somehow this time would be different.  And every time, it’s been reinforced that anything with horseradish in it is not for me.  Clarity!

We are given contrast to gain clarity.

There’s nothing wrong with horseradish.  It’s a contrast ingredient that gives me clarity.  It simplifies one very narrow slice of life.
The lesson:  Walk away!  Let it be.  Anything that has horseradish in it will not bring me JOY or make me HAPPY.  Let it go.  Don’t even think about it.  Move on.

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.  – Dad
Know thyself.  – Ancient proverb attributed to many

Like horseradish, there are life ingredients that are clarifiers, too.   And when we know what those are for us, for our life and happiness, it’s easy to walk away from opportunities, relationships, requests, situations, sales pitches, special offers–whatever–that contain those elements. because we know what’s offered is not for us…and will not bring us JOY or make us HAPPY.
Love it!  Easy.  Simple.
So, what’s your horseradish?
Here are some life ingredients clarifying tools that might help sort that out.  Or try some of these.

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