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PrintOn April 4, 2006, three holistic women wellness practitioner entrepreneurs opened the Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha–then called, Kindred Spirit Coaching and Wellness.
Over time, the name was shortened; and  the people and place evolved.  I am an original co-founder; the others followed where their path and spirit took them–like all of us do.
Kindred Spirit Center was always a kind of incubator place where independent holistic women business owners could grow themselves and their business, have a studio to practice out of, share beautiful gathering spaces together, and feel connected and supported.  Several of those awesome entrepreneurial spirits have grown and flourished and created their own places and careers–Sara Joy, Dani, Edna, Nicole, Martha–and I celebrate their successes and creations!
Today’s Kindred Spirit Center is still shared by three holistic women wellness practitioner entrepreneurs–now Sue Katzuba (Calling Spirit), Susan Hodges (Spirit Space), and me, Anne Wondra (WonderSpirit Resources).    Life is Good.  I am Grateful!  And Celebrating!!  Whoo-hoo!  Stop by.  Give us a call.  Connect with us.  Check out what we do.
Kindred Spirit Center.  Now Celebrating SEVEN YEARS of spirit-connecting, energy-healing, life-traveling services!  THANK YOU!
Anne, Sue, and Susan
Kindred Spirit Center – Waukesha

One thought on “Celebrating 7 Years

  1. I remember the Open House that was held when I got to meet some amazing women. Amazing that that was seven years ago. Congratulations on continuing to follow your dreams, finding the puzzle pieces and how they fit together, and in letting those visions take you on wonderful adventures.

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