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553293_521452294559696_1969506135_nOn a Sunday morning like this one, we headed for Lake Geneva.  And something said, ‘Text Stacy; let her know you’ll be at her local Starbucks soon.”  So I did….  And as often happens with those inspirations, what unfolded was joyful, amazing  conversations of connecting and creating.  Stacy is a colleague and friend, author, radio show producer, and speaker…and someone who energizes me every time we get together.
I don’t remember where the conversation started, only that we began talking about how many incredibly gifted and beautiful, talented, capable women we both know don’t see that in themselves.
On the other hand, it’s so easy for us to see and describe them in all their wonderfulness.
And then we started playing with a collaborative, creative idea of women helping each other ‘see how I see you’ and put it into words …
It’s happening next Saturday morning.
If You Could See How I See You
A collaborative visual arts and writing experience to create and affirm the highest vision we see in each other.   Led by by Stacy Whetlow and Anne Wondra.
Date:  Saturday, April 27, 9-noon, at the Kindred Spirit Center
Would you like to be part of this with us?  RSVP Here
(Space is limited to keep it personal.)
PS  Stacy found this ‘Beauty Sketches’ video on YouTube.  How we describe ourselves and how others describe us.  Enjoy.
beauty sketches

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