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Once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain your personal alignment, a great deal of money will flow into your experience (if that is your desire). …. Come into alignment with who-you-really-are, and allow the things that life has helped you to know that you want to flow into your experience.   —Abraham

Ahh, that’s our challenge…  We are told by others what our ‘alignment’ or focus or desires should be.  And for awhile, we listen and do our best to fit into someone else’s mold.
We are always given contrast to gain clarity.  We learn what doesn’t fit or work anymore, and then look in another direction–within.
No games or deception allowed there; only honesty.  Personal alignment means that our within is congruent with our life and work on the outside.  Feelings, heart, soul, silence, paying attention, and asking, are tools.
This life of ours is our most perfect school; and our playground is all those places we find ourselves spending time in… corporate playgrounds, domestic playgrounds, creative playgrounds…
Some more tools for finding who you really are…   Enjoy.  – Anne 🙂

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