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A side-tracked Saturday spent web-weaving…  Didn’t plan it that way…  Began with a simple intention, to upload and link a resource for Thursday’s Goddess call… And then came more.  A thought of another page to update… leading to another and another and another.  The muse, she comes with us creative types.  Always catalysts to creating stuff that desires to come out.  The process…it’s all about getting us from here to there…and somehow filling in threads of that tapestry our life is weaving.  A sample.  FAQ:

What’s a Life Coach?
A Life Coach is a professional you partner with to grow your greatness.
Got a personal or professional growth project you’re into?
 Life throws them at us; rolls them right down the alley where we live, to get us to move, change, and grow.
(Yep, we’re given the precise ones that will push our move buttons! No exceptions.)
You do want to grow your greatness, don’t you? Or change, improve, and advance in some way, right?
Okay, maybe it wasn’t your idea.
Still, now that you’re in these changes, how about a coach and companion on the sidelines who sees all this from a not-so-close-and-personal-and-emotional perspective?
Why hire a coach? Why hire me?
You really want to do this alone?
Of course, you can.
 Yes, there are plenty of self-help books.
And if we’re working together, I’m going to suggest you be reading one or a few of them.  Putting good stuff into your brain is like eating your fruits and veggies and going for walks–it’s good self-care. I’m all about that.
Coaching is an interactive vocal and thought-processing exchange though….with feedback and more.
(You’re already getting a taste, aren’t you?)
Why me?
Because it’s me you’re considering–actually any coach, really--you’ll want to look at our background, because each of us is a wonderful package of bonuses that come from the depth and breadth of our personal and professional lives, careers, interests, experiences, and just being who we are. So please, look around this site and get to know me. Then schedule an appointment to meet and find out.

Other improvements were added, too.  I’m finding more of my voice and style and spirit coming through.  For example, the above was written by me.  My voice and playful spirit.  Now compare the two pieces below:
Where to Start / Catalysts to a Coach (my voice style and spirit – prettier)
Coaching for Wellness / Connectedness (Somebody else’s.  Can you tell?)
Our conversation next Thursday is on being your own brand.   I like this voice and spirit and style that’s coming out.
Thank you for following the muse with me tonight.  You’re much appreciated.  Enjoy your evening. – Anne

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