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We marry and join our life to another with much ceremony.beach wedding

And down the road, when that marriage is done, ceremony is probably not a word used to mark their severing and separating. Ceremony brings with it an element of something sacred, purposeful, blessed, spirit-connected.  … even a secular ceremony…

If joining held those elements, perhaps separating does also.
A friend is in a separating process…  It’s been dragging out, and it’s time to be done….
On a soul level, I know all is well, in divine order, perfect timing….  It’s this dancing between worlds we live in.
We take on more than we need to sometimes.  Can we bless what was, appreciating all that came forth through us, and release one another to move on?
Release Each Other Ceremony

Release the past and each other
Your soul contract, purpose for being together, has been fulfilled and completed.
Much growing and beautiful children—who needed you both as parents—came out of it.
Ask Archangel Michael, protector, harmonizer of chaotic energy, who wields a sword and shield—or ask whomever you are drawn to call on–to cut that cord between you.
Set the intention that both of you are free and clear, and at peace, and released completely, to move forward with your lives and be happy.
As so it is.  … What we free and bless on earth shall be freed and blessed in heaven.

Life is a sacred, mystical, magical, amazing personal-growing playground–a very specifically specialized one.  And once we know we are each playing our roles in this ‘school’ or ‘theatrical stage,’ there’s less judgment and more joy; and therefore  easier to release players who have completed their role.
On a soul level, our only role is helping one another grow their greatness.  Blessings and much love.  – Anne

Release Essential Oil blend from Young Living
Use ‘Release’ essential oil blend to as part of your ceremony. Breathe in: scent stimulates emotional healing; anoint your forehead (third eye, brain) to know, see from a higher perspective.

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