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Grow our greatness; a greater You; a happier healthier planet, life; feel engaged in a more joyful, free, loved sense of self and life.  … or stay where we’re not in those energies, desires, life…
Summer Spirit Reading …  newest one is the Afterlives of the Rich and Famous, by Sylvia Browne… ‘Out there’ for some; ‘right in my wheel house’ for me, and so affirming that we are eternal souls and pure Source Energy, and way more than this physical life experience.

Special offer:  A Personal Path Finding Guide will be gifted to those who schedule August Summer Spirit sessions with me. Beach banner

You are killing more of each other every day over your quarrels over religion than all other things put together, because you cannot even come to an agreement about what you think God says, or wants for you. On one side of the world God wants something different than the other. On one side of the room, in one side of your mind, God wants something different than on the other. The power is within you. You are extensions of this powerful Source Energy. You are literally God expressing in this physical body. And so, as you are standing in a thought, or in a word, or in an action that feels good to you as you are standing there—then you are fully open and allowing all of that Divine Energy to flow through you. And in that moment you are all that you said you would be when you decided to come forth into this body. You are the extension of pure positive energy. You are in your full creative power. You are thriving. You are clear-minded. You are joyful. You are filled with love. You are who you are—you are allowing that which you really are.

I could tell you what I do, only it would confuse or scare you…  So let’s just say I play all day, and those I interact with feel better and lighter and happier, and have much more clarity through our exchanges.
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What do you believe?  Is it freeing, energizing, soul-feeding, and fueling you?  I hope so.  Laughter, joy, and a free spirit are powerful quantum co-creating fuels.
I know this for sure…  – Anne
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