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We gather more this time of year; formal and informal.  In groups and settings that are a diverse mix: from family and friends, to professional colleagues, to others we’re meeting for the first time.
What to talk about?  ….Come with a plan.
I like humor and easy too.   And here is a little of both to help you out– an easy-to-remember word that will bring a smile.  …. ‘FARTS’.
To get to know someone better, make small talk, and maybe make a memorable connection try using  ‘FARTS’ as an acronym for what to talk about:
F – Family or Friends in common.  Have you seen…?  Are they still…?  When you see them next time, tell them…
A – Arts.  Theater, movies, fine art, art fairs, favorite artists; or maybe they are art makers and creators too.
R – Reading.  Books read this year, magazines, articles one enjoyed, or recipes.  What we’re learning, engaging in, fueling our minds with.
T – Travel.  Places where their professional and personal travels have taken them this year; destinations, delights, vacations, new experiences, beauty, majestic sights, events that brought joy.
S – Social media sites. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.    Where do they play or hang out online?
Before the party, make a quick list of your own ‘FARTS’ this year.  What brought you joy?  What was memorable or entertaining for you?  What good words, authors, art, creative pursuits have you been fueling your days with?
Any one of these is a doorway into who a person is, their life, their work, likes, and passions, what their interests and talents are.  One subject all of us are experts on is our own life, our experiences, our perceptions and preferences.
Be kind; share a smile, a hug; see and speak of only the best in one another.  A wise man, a brother-in-law, once said, “We are all just fragile human beings trying to do our best.”  In our words, our presence, our voice, our gestures, we support and uplift one another’s spirit heart soul…  It matters, often more than we’d ever guess. 
These in-person, face-to-face gatherings hold a presence and synergy not found anywhere else. … And never to be repeated in exactly the same way again.  Make the most of, and appreciate, times and moments.
Love, blessings, and hugs.  Enjoy… smile … breathe …  – Anne
Music and LyricsWe may never pass this way Again
Happy holidays. – Anne

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