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It asked: What are you going to Stop doing this Year? 
And I wrote Goals gotta go!  followed by…

It’s a corporate model mindset term and doesn’t feel energetically in line with my creative spirit and flow.  It’s a climbing-Jacob’s-ladder word and methodology, instead of a dancing-Sarah’s-circle one.  Dance, Play, Dream, Create, Write, Share, Experience, Love, Divine order, Flow, allowing.  Go with the Soul…

Interesting reading what comes out sometimes…
A few pages later, I crossed out the word Goals and replaced it with Callings
It felt better.
Goals gotta go
Words … Do they matter?
One fits, inspires and fuels my energy, and keeps me flowing forward easier.
That G word, it comes with baggage–like competition and judging and success-fail labels. Not productive or constructive to this creative soul.
When your work is making something that’s never existed before, work you’re compelled to bring forth from inside–you can change the words to fuel your spirit…  And Let go of baggage you don’t need.
Creatives, artists, writers–Play with words; find and embrace what you need.   Join me Tuesdays
I am hosting weekly 2016 creative planning Tuesdays in January.  10 am – 2 pm for you  Lots of playful, beautiful resources for creatives, writers, and sensitives, and space conducive to creating.  more details
Enjoy and Happy New Year!  It’s a good one…and needs us.  – Anne

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