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Throw-Back Thursday notes from June 2006.
In 2006, I was a corporate human resource training development and wellness administrator.  This conference was a professional development training and coaching conference, sponsored  by  When I returned, I shared take-away notes for everyone.  It was three pages long…  You can read the PDF here, or  read on.

Conference Notes

June 2006
Earlier this year, I attended one of the most powerful, inspiring, and energizing conferences I’ve ever had the privilege to participate in.  To give you a sample, I share three pieces that have the power to change your life, your health, your wealth, and the world.


The first is a magazine called Worthwhile.
[No longer in print.  … Try this one instead.]
Worthwhile Magazine – Work with Purpose, Passion and Profit

The Worthwhile Manifesto:

(principles on which the magazine is based)
For the Individual:

  • We believe that people want their careers to stand for more than a paycheck.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to seek out the work life that makes them happy.
  • We believe that people shouldn’t have to check their personal values at the office door; instead those values should match their work environment.

For Companies:

  • We believe that companies play a growing role in our society; they should be a force for good.
  • We believe there is a spirit of each business that shines into communities, employees and customers.  That spirit can be as positive (or negative) as the leaders choose to make it.
  • We ardently believe in capitalism.  Profitability drives possibilities.

Where They Come Together:

  • People want to connect to a company.  Finding that sense of community leads to more fulfilling work.

  • Organizations with a strong mission attract people who work harder and smarter simply because they love being there.  The result:  the productivity companies crave, achieved more humanely.

  • The “soft stuff,” as it is sometimes derided, is as important as technology investment or financial structuring.  When companies and individuals get it right, the power is remarkable.

  • You can change your company into a place that will attract people you want as teammates.


The second are some health tips from professional fitness trainer,

John Allen Mollenhauer (‘JAM’ sessions, as we called them at the conference)

  • The Most Obvious Symptom of a Lifestyle Gone Awry is weight gain; 15 – 50 pound weight gain, look at your life.
  • Overwhelm, Exhaustion and the Overweight Condition go hand in hand.
  • Our greatest Energy Crisis is NOT oil.
    • It’s OUR ENERGY levels.  When we don’t recuperate our energy, we add weight.
  • Fundamental principle of energy:  You only experience energy when you’re spending it.
  • 75% of energy is spent through the eyeballs.
    • Close your eyes, clear your mind for 90 seconds to rejuvenate energy.
  • WE are energy.  If we don’t regenerate, we burn out.
  • Life balance is managing and recuperating our energy.
  • Two energy-handling approaches:
  • Recuperate → Strength → Nurient Rich food choices → More active → at or near ideal weight
  • Versus: Stimulate → Fatigue → Nutrient Poor food choices → Less active → Overweight.
  • Animals in nature don’t work out.
    • Brief periods of intense activity over the course of your day, when they’re ready.
    • Use the body.
  • Eat nutrient rich

Why is taking care of your energy and health important?
Because EVERYTHING you do, if you are to do it well, depends on it.
More on JAMs website


Third7 Keys to Winning in Life and in Business*

1)  Know your game.
Most people don’t know what game they are playing which makes it impossible to win!  Your game is the BIG picture of what you are going to do.
2)  Design a winnable game.
Most people set themselves up to fail with fuzzy objectives OR impossible time frames.  A winnable game is well thought out and takes into account the whole of your life.
3)  Be an impact player.  Master the skills of the game.
Most people play a mediocre game because they focus on weaknesses and burn out.  Impact players play at the top of their game because they focus on their strengths and are well rested.  To win in your game you must identify the skills of other impact players, and then practice those skills every day.
4)  Play to win AND keep score.
Most people don’t have a game plan and they have no idea if they are winning or losing.  If you REALLY want to win, you have to prepare yourself for the game and you have to keep score.  By keeping score of each game you get instant feedback on how well you are playing.
5)  Win the inner game.
Most people lose the games they play in business and life because they are unaware of the impact that thoughts, feelings and emotions have on their results.  With diligence and skill you can learn to tap into the power of your mind to play better every day.
6)  Bring your game to life with a winning environment.
Most people live and work in an environment that is distracting and saps their energy.  To REALLY get going in your new game you have to redesign your environment to inspire and support you.
7)  Build a winning team.
Most people don’t win because they are playing alone!  To play your best, you need to surround yourself with others who are ALSO playing their best game while supporting YOU.  When this happens, playing to win becomes a powerful force for good in the world.
*Copyright 2006
Live Well!

Hope you enjoyed.  I still use and love and share what I learned there.
except that those ‘7 Keys to Winning in Life and in Business’ are masculine operating and energy system principles. 
Our feminine spirit energy operating system principles are different.  (Cats and dogs again, operate differently… )  Printable PDF
Additional resources for your life,  health, and happiness.   – Anne 🙂

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