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I saw a coyote on the way to coffee; so out of the ordinary… Of course, I looked up coyote animal spirit. Coyote is a trickster, full of fun. Her message is to lighten up, not take things so seriously, to enjoy and play more today.

Santa, Solstice, and Christmas Spirit are my play today. Sun is shining through hazy frosted trees and grace light and miracle energy dances.

Three Stories

Twins, born on Solstice eve, turn sixteen today; they were eight when their mom passed. She’s here in spirit, playing now, too. They’re beautiful kids, loved by so many, and a story that’s touched countless lives…

Tomorrow, a Winter Solstice night gathering at the farm, my childhood home, in maybe twenty years or more. A nephew and his wife hosting. There’s a pile of emotions and memories there. We have not gathered in one place in eight years. I’m open for miracles; another one–it’s already magical and a miracle that we will be in this farm house again for Christmas festivities. So much and so many stories playing out…

Families are life’s most-personal and often complicated, playground; who we are and have become is intricately woven into our origins and relationships here. Bringing a heart of full of love for these people and this place, and a batch of family comfort food.

Christmas day, another family reunion is/was in Wisconsin. A friend, a kind and compassionate animal-lover friend I’ve known forever, in Florida, is weighing canceling her trip home because of life (car) things that happen to good people.

I just wanted to spend this holiday with my Mom and son and my daughter who is going off to a war zone in 2 weeks… $500 to fix my car. That’s my house payment…. Cancelling my trip to Wisconsin…. I really really try to be a good person. …

My heart wants another miracle for her, to have this time with her family and all those other concerns taken care of. She has a critter care fund for her warm-hearts small animal sanctuary; I do what I can to sponsor each month, and will add a little extra this month; more is always needed. It’s not an official tax-deductible non-profit yet.

It’s a place and person I know and trust, though–and really, that counts a lot. Like most of us, we follow our heart’s calling, best we can, one day at a time. For many kind hearts and souls, money parts overwhelm us if we focus there, so we focus on what soothes and heals us. Jenn’s posts and animal photos do that, too. She inspires me.

Signing off here. More Santa, Solstice, and Christmas Spirit playing awaits… more stories and miracles and magic playing out. Follow where your heart and stories take you.

Warmest wishes and wonder to you today. Much love – Anne

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