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One of the first things new clients are reminded of, is how much of this world they personally get to control. I invite them to stand, draw an imaginary circle in front of them, and step into it. Everything inside that circle is theirs to control; no one outside of it is.

We come with an innate sense of freedom, a strong will to self-evolve, and curiosity to explore. We are pleasure seekers–joy, laughter, feeling energy flowing through us, an active life force–simmering below the surface or sparkling all over.

At a certain point in adulthood, one has to own their life and themselves–this being who they’ve become–all choices, relationships, experiences, defining moments, that brought them here, influenced them.

A fulfilling life comes out in how we use and channel what we’ve learned, and integrate it into our present. Do we LIKE who we’ve become? that face in the mirror, those eyes that see deeply into our soul?

Soul has always fascinated me; that Something Inside that nudges with emotions, feelings, draws us with interest and sometimes with guilt; clues to get quiet with for awhile and wonder at what’s being triggered? from where or who? and sometimes, to write and work through it to release it’s pressure. Even now, Life brings situations, and Soul nudges me, insistently, and draws my attention inward and outward. I still have more to figure out, learn; growing to do.

Self-actualizing, expanding out perspective, and living a fulfilling life is always a work-in-process–soul work, feeling into it–so our actions, work, employment, and relationships are connected to and in line with our values–because when aligned, it feels like Freedom, joy, ease, and play.

Even when those elements are not in line for us, we’re still mining valuable gold; processing, knowing more clearly what we want, need; where we’re heading, who we are aspiring to be.

No wallowing; do the inner work; get quiet; process what’s calling you, keeping you restless and uneasy; you have the tools. We’ve got this.

I win or I learn; I never lose.

Marie Forleo

It’s all good, and turns out even better. You’re going to love that person in the mirror, that shining soul light, full of joy and life.


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