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Whether real or fictional, it doesn’t matter.

Who are your heroes and heroines?

A person you know? Someone you read about or saw on TV? Or a fictional character in a novel or series?

As an influence, this person brings out the best in us, calls us to our greatness, makes us feel alive, warms our heart. They inspire in us, uplift us. Our brain doesn’t care, our health doesn’t care, which part of our life they’re from–imaginary or real–because we are positively impacted with energy and well-being flowing through us.

Read something that makes you feel good.

Fiction and nonfiction both hold hero material. Take an artist date and visit a library or bookstore. Look around, see what draws your interest. Magazines count. Feast on what attracts you. Take a seat and start reading. Reads I stumbled on last year:

Fiction: I rekindled a love of novels and, of course, happy endings. A few got me started: Sugar Pine Trail by RaeAnne Thayne, Love for Beginners by Jill Shalvis, Butterflies and Hazel Eyes by Katie Mettner, and The Exit Strategy by Lainey Cameron. The heroes and heroines weren’t big superstar types, but everyday characters, and made me laugh and feel good. It was interesting how much I enjoyed innovative entrepreneurial threads in them. Ah yes, still part of me, especially in Katie Mettner and Lainey Cameron reads.

Nonfiction: Surrounded by Awesome Women and Bella Grace magazine, and Untamed by Glennon Doyle weren’t as emotionally hero-centered as they were energizing and uplifting. Appreciating what a writer can do with words–and courage it takes to share them–inspires me, too. We all have stories, experiences and people who led us to find ourselves here, now. Again, most often everyday people who happened to weave into our story lines.

Set yourself up for success.

Real people. Who are heroes, heroines you spend your days with? The wind beneath your wings? My husband is one of mine.

For all who have inspired this work. And to Michael, my love. So glad we found each other and laugh so much…. still! You are the wind beneath my wings.

Relationship Rules: Confidence Creating for Young Women

Others, too. Teachers, role models, friends, and even strangers, have made an impact. Most of us have those experiences–and it’s not any official title or role.

Everyday kindnesses and character inspire us. Maybe we know these people personally, maybe we don’t. We see or read a story of someone doing something good–stories of rescue, of kindness, of sensitivity, of strength, of courage, of compassion, of gentleness. We witness moments of that in action. Seeing another taking a high road, it paves a path for us to take one also, to step up ourselves, to pass it on.

As this new year begins, maybe we choose to be our own kind of hero / heroine in 2022. We need more everyday heroes / heroines. Show kindness and compassion to all creatures great and small, use words to uplift and encourage, assist where you can.

Happy New Year!

Anne Wondra

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