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A new year is always a new beginning, a time we look back on the year past—maybe on our life—and choose again what we keep and what we’re done holding onto. Over time, we outgrow some things (clothes, styles, preferences, attitudes, social activities, interests) and other elements (interests, needs) beckon.

Inviting a Hands-On Visual Creative Experience

Perhaps you’ve heard of Vision Boards. It’s an art project where one creates a poster for themselves, featuring words and or pictures reflecting highlights for the upcoming year(s). When done, these will be a visual reminder piece of your new year desires and intentions. You can do this alone or with a select group of friends. Here’s what you’ll need:

MATERIALS: Poster board (11×14 is a standard frame size for framing and hanging), scissors, old magazines, markers, glue stick, and music… and some wine and chocolate… tea, snacks, hot cocoa … maybe colorful post-it notes…

An Intention-Centering Moment. Begin with gratitude and blessing for your life—every chapter of your story, roles you’ve played, who you are, and all the experiences and people who have been part of your growing and learning and becoming. All your past choices played out as they needed to for you to be here now…no blame or shame, only compassion and love toward your whole (holy) Self. Breathe in and out, slowly, three times.

Now have fun creating… in unstructured (or very loosely structured) creative time and space where your logical left brain (mostly) takes a rest … and your uninhibited creative muse right-brain side comes out front and center, to play. (Play is important to being happy, healthy, living well, heart, light, spirit, and soul.)

Write or cut out words, use pictures from magazines or drawn by hand or printed off a computer. Maybe you like lists instead. Make one, a list of wishes, desires, intentions. And or another list of stuff you’re done with, releasing, letting go of. If you’re a writer, and lists and pictures too confining, write what you need to. There are no ‘wrong’ ways to do this. Follow what you are attracted to. Be you. PLAY. You’re creating this for you, your inspiration and delight. Arrange things as you like, on a poster board and or elsewhere.

Your vision board art project is complete. You could stop here, many do. I add and encourage one more step: SHARE your Vision Board with someone. Tell them about what ended up on it, and why. Our telling of our story allows us to hear our words in our own voice, helps us speak to what we want and think, what is coming from our heart and soul; it allows others to hear and witness and to offer their support and affirmation. None of us does this life thing alone.

The Energy of Well-Being

The ever-emerging science behind these boards is that our thoughts and emotions are made of an energy that attracts, like a magnet, physical creations. Notice how all inventions and creations begin with a thought, an idea, a desire of ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if that was so.’ (Remember those communicators on Star Trek back in 1966-1969, long before we had cell phones.) When we put our energy—thoughts and emotions—toward our desires, we help bring the essence of those experiences to us. Watch and notice and appreciate. It’s like saying ‘Yes, more please.’ And more good keeps coming. (Complaining does the opposite.)

Happy creating and sharing …and Happy New Year.

Anne Wondra is a teacher of spirit, wisdom, wellness, and life lessons that uplift, empower, and inspire happiness, health, wealth, and meaningful living. Follow this muse at and

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  1. Hi Anne, I was wondering if I could reprint your Vision Board article in my quarterly Divine Feminine Way eNewsletter to women? I would give you credit and a link back to your site of course so people could see your services as a coach. Let Me know if thats ok. I will be out of town until the April 11 but checking my emails. Thanks!

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