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What’s important today?

Notebook excerpt:  August 22, 2018

To trust all is well and I am led, guided, loved immensely, and all that unfolds is for good–mine and that of all.

I feel good–and a little more aware of my vulnerability, in physical ways.  I also recognize these life happenings as a catalyst to get some pieces and preferences in place.

A lot of beings experienced personal upheavals during this month.  Mother Nature has been a force to be reckoned with.

In the River’s flow.  Go with it.  Trust.


A body’s natural state is well-being — and will return to that as quickly and easily as possible in the absence of resistance.   Flow . joy . heart centering.

Follow Heart,

A day after writing this, I entered a hospital for a nine-day stay. ..

Life happenings are catalysts to clear places and preferences in ourselves, leaving us stronger, more grounded, grateful, centered, loved, awakened, transformed.

What’s important today?

…  living with a happy heart and joyous spirit and lots of love to share,



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