Winding down 2018; life wishes 2019

Planners are so Personal and pre-planner 2019 (cont’d). As a year winds down, another calls us to a fresh start and life dreams ahead. Pre-planner heart-centered 2019 Journal notes that lead me forward: Who do I want to be in 2019? How do I want to feel? What makes my heart sing? When does my… Continue reading Winding down 2018; life wishes 2019

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New Year’s Eve encouragement

It’s a quiet New Year’s Eve, and I’m reading these words of guidance and encouragement from Conversations with a Friend.  And I share them so you can perhaps also be guided and encouraged by them. As we look to our future this night and in the days ahead, take along what resonates and sticks with… Continue reading New Year’s Eve encouragement

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Happy New Year’s Eve

Today’s reflection from The Grandmother of Time December 31 – Hecate’s Day (Roman) Hecate is the third, elder of the triple goddess Maiden-Mother-Crone, the archetypical third stage of woman’s lifetime. Hecate is Goddess of the Crossroads, the wise woman who can see three ways at once. She is here at the forks in the road.… Continue reading Happy New Year’s Eve