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<p>Conference notes from the <a href=””>National Wellness Institute</a> Conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, July 14-19, 2007.</p>
<p>July 17, 2007</p>
<p><strong>Accessing Enery &quot;on the Fly&quot;</strong></p>
<p><a href=””>Denise Pastoor</a>, MEd, RN, CNS</p>

<p>July 17, 2007</p>
<p><strong>Accessing Enery &quot;on the Fly&quot;</strong></p>
<p><a href=””>Denise Pastoor</a>, MEd, RN, CNS</p>
<p>Peppermint on a fan</p>
<p>Energy on empty – Distress</p>
<p><strong>D</strong>istractibility<br /><strong>I</strong>rritability<br /><strong>S</strong>omatic Complints (TMJ, headeach, IBS)<br /><strong>T</strong>ension<br /><strong>R</strong>estlessness<br /><strong>E</strong>nergy depleated<br /><strong>S</strong>pirit Disheartened<br /><strong>S</strong>leep distrubance, overtired</p>
<p><strong>Back to Basics</strong><br />- <strong>Nutrition</strong><br />- <strong>Sleep</strong> – soothing, calming environment<br />- Exercise, <strong>movement</strong><br />- <strong>Water</strong> (shower) is balancing<br />- Good ideas come in the shower</p>
<p>What feeds my spirit, body, and mind?</p>
<p>Accessing energy<br />- We are powerful energy systems</p>
<p>Harness your energy through<br />- Meditation</p>
<p><strong>Mind Matters – Thoughts become reality</strong><br />- Thoughts empower or depress; you choose<br />- Challenge negative thoughts and irrational beliefs<br />- Cognitive restructuring and mindful awareness create change</p>
<p>Spirituality – &quot;The spiritual journey is a gradual process of enlarging our emotional, mental, and physical relationship with the divine reality that is present in us.&quot;&nbsp; – Thomas Keating</p>
<p><strong>Gratitude</strong> and Compassion, Random acts of Kindness</p>
<p>Intentions<br />- Present tense<br />- Specific and positive directive<br />- Visualize outcome with all five senses<br />- Use guided imagery to make it happen</p>
<p>&quot;My mind is clear and focused.&quot;</p>
<p>Create your sanctuary.</p>
<p>Mindfulness<br />- Awaken and live purposefully in the present moment<br />- Find calm by connecting in the present moment<br />- Take time to linger and savor in the present moment<br />- Ground and center yourself in the present moment<br />especially in one on one conversations</p>
<p>Stillness speaks – Listen – Silence, Nature walks</p>
<p><strong>Laugh</strong> and smile often<br /><strong>Play</strong></p>
<p>Energy Ball – fun stuff</p>
<p>Grounding and Centering<br />- Focused breathing<br />- Anchor yourself into the earth<br />- Pull energy from the earth<br />- Position yourself solidly and firmly<br />- State a specific intention</p>

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