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I work in a magical, sacred space kind of place, of positive energy and kindred spirits, ones I see and ones I can’t.  It’s a place where pennies stick on the walls, held up only by intention and pure positive energy.  It feels good here; warm, calming, and welcoming.  The pennies on the wall are a daily reminder this is someplace special, a place where people come to feel better. 
It started in May of 2006 when life coach colleague friend Linda Farr held a class on The Secret and the Law of Attraction.  The next day, there were pennies on the wall…with a note explaining that the pennies were put up there during the class, that they were held up only by the power of intention (ask and it is given).  The note asked if we’d mind leaving them (the pennies) up. 
Of course we’d leave them up…and we added a few of our own.  Since then, others have done the same.  And when visitors return to Kindred Spirit Center, guess what they look for first?  Their pennies on the wall, of course.

Anne Wondra – Wellness Coach, Creative Muse

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