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What makes a person attractive? 
What elements attract YOU to want to work with someone, be with or around someone, to do business with one person rather than another?
The author of The 28 Laws of Attraction, Thomas Leonard, was a financial planner by profession, who disliked many traditional aspects of sales.  His clients also wanted more from him than help with their finances.  His principles of attraction made him successful and sought after. 
Thomas’ material is well-known to coaches.  This is his first (and only) consumer resource.  And I’m excited and delighted to share it with positive people who are ready to grow and evolve, both personally and professionally! 
The conference calls are on Saturday mornings at 9:30 (CST). 
At the least, print yourself a copy of the class schedule for your copy of Thomas’ 28 Laws of Attraction.
Enjoy life.  – Anne

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