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We can learn a lot from animals. Take border collies, for example. These are working dogs, used to herd sheep. An interesting thing about border collies: Even when they don’t have any sheep to herd, they are driven to find themselves some ‘work’ to do.
My in-laws have a border collie. Her name is Reba. When my father-in-law was alive, his daily routine included a trip out to ‘the property’ where he had a 10-acre plot of land with a big garden. Reba was his constant companion. Whether she made it her work to herd him or keep the rabbits away, I’m not sure. I just know Reba was always at his side.
When my father-in-law passed on, Reba found herself a new project…my mother-in-law. Once again, Reba is a constant companion, always at my mother-in-law’s side. Reba will go walking no one else who might take her away from her ‘charge.’
The lesson here? We are each responsible to find ourselves some work to do. If we are self-employed or have an employer, we have some defined work to do. For those who are not employed right now? Find yourself some ‘work’ to do, whether it’s paid or unpaid. If a border collie can do it…
Today, there are many good, able-bodied, intelligent, talented, creative people, with time on their hands, available to make a positive impact in their neighborhoods and in their communities. You don’t need permission to gather with your neighbors and make your neighborhood a clean and safe place. You can contact your local United Way and find out where your talents could be used to help others. You can follow your own passions, inspirations, causes of the heart, and be with people who share your interest.

Opportunity knocks in job loss. It’s not all about the money. It’s also about use of time and attitude, and living with intention. Find yourself some work to do, paid or unpaid, something positive and constructive you and others can do with you time and abilities and connections and creativity. Besides, who would you rather hire? Someone you knew perhaps from a community project you both worked on? Someone who sees possibilities in challenges perhaps? Someone who chooses to be positive, and does something constructive with their in-between time perhaps? Who would you rather hire? Choose to BE that person. The benefits far outweigh the alternatives.

On the lighter side, here’s a Just for Fun page and a youtube clip of a talented border collie. Find a way to make work feel like playing. Enjoy.

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