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Two quick things today.
First, think about what brings you JOY and allow your response to guide you.
Follow the muse…and start at Starbucks. Seriously. There is a new gift item on their shelves. It’s a small hardcover book with a 5 on it and it’s called Where will you be five years from today? The cover band–that could easily make a bookmark–says the following:

The greatest day

of your life is the one on

which you decide your life

is your own. The gift of life

is yours–it is an amazing

journey–and you get to

determine the quality of it.

Live the next five years on

purpose. Now is the time.

Imagine the possibilities.

Go places, have adventures,

make a real difference, do

what you love. Follow your

dreams, they know the way.

Start the conversation. The book is a great starting place. Get a goal partner and help one another. What’s a goal partner? And how do you find one? Ask me and I’ll tell you.

I started this business with a five-year plan after a Franklin-Covey class called What Matters Most? At minimum, the book at Starbucks will get you thinking and PLAYING with joyful possibilities.

The second FUN thing is NEATO PENS! I love beautiful pens. Nice Pens bring me JOY. And I discovered the Colorado Pen Company this week. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy this site like a kid in a candy store. Check it out. Talk about a perfect gift playground for pen lovers.

Take care. Enjoy!

Anne Wondra – Muse and Life Coach

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