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A week of amazing connections and Universal Surprises. Last Sunday, I stumbled on a site called and knew I belonged in one of the groups being offered; and I responded. I too am on a journey. Kindred spirits connecting and gathering. I am a lightworker … the light is shining brighter.
An invitation crosses my desk. Something tells me I am supposed to go. A class called, The Key to Me and My Money. My schedule opens up and the money for the class fee shows up in the mail The class was amazing, so were the other participants and the presenter. I was definitely supposed to be there. The class wasn’t really all about money; it was so much more. A powerful, very well-done class. A book, The Wisdom of our Burdens came with the class. The author, the place, the people, the focus…more kindred spirits…connecting and gathering. LifeMark Institute for Greatness. Watch for the next class. I will be.
A Saturday Morning Symposium, invited by Gina Sanchez, director of the Waukesha Wealth Builders Financial Stability Task Force, a Waukesha County United Way initiative. I do a class segment on employability skills, Help from the Hiring Desk–Interviews, Applications, and Habits that will Help you Advance. Carol Smith, another coach, does a 5-week program on employment success, a perfect and more in-depth complement to mine. Felt good to hear the program, appreciate it and meet Carol. The other surprises: the people I met that morning interested in what I do. And the biggest surprise was the speaker from US Cellular, a young man who was inspired by a speaker to turn his attitude around…and his career path. The presentation was simple, entertaining, and insightful. Again, the message came through, BE who you are; it’s NOT all about the money. Sometimes the biggest barriers we face to success are the ones between our ears.
To the journey of self-discovery, playing with our strengths, surrounding ourselves with positive inspiration, and living out of appreciation and gratitude for ourselves, our lives, the connections that come our way, our excitement at creative collaborations and possibilities, and enjoyment of the Universal surprises that come our way.

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