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The US Catholic Bishops find the practice of reiki to be superstition…dangerous, and not healthy to their catholic spirit…. Isn’t that interesting.

I grew up Catholic. I have a degree in religious studies, and I’ve experienced reiki…and I’ve worked in the church.

The first thing I did when I heard this was laugh. This, from an organization that teaches A LOT of stuff many consider superstition. Faith, God, transubstantiation, immaculate conception, and purgatory, to name a few.

Have they never read the gifts of the spirit, or heard of laying on of hands? Reiki is pure channeled divine energy. Do they not understand that their very breath and life is divine energy coursing through them, allowing them to walk, talk, think, create and be who they are? (or they would be dead) Once again, the church of my childhood is showing its lack of understanding and openness to the Spirit at work outside the confines of their rules. Galileo comes to mind on that one. How arrogant to think the Spirit of Life is limited to what some men on a Bishops’ Committee can understand….or that spirit is limited to act only in accord with the rules they’ve created.

So, it comes back to your well being. And YOU have the most vested interest in that.

You have a brain, intelligence, access to a world of information, and a personal internal guidance system, a direct connection with your source. You make good decisions every day. You are very capable.

Who’s permission do you need? Permission to do what you think and believe is healthy to your spirit, body, and well being?

My answer: Your own. It’s your body, your soul, your life, and your well being. You have the most vested interest in it.

If you want to learn more about reiki, visit the Kindred Spirit Center and talk to Sue or Susan. Gather information. Watch for informational classes. Experience it for yourself. Make your own choices.

In my experience, reiki is a very spiritual practice…and it’s a lot bigger, more inclusive, and open, and powerful, than the limits some bishops in a church organization want to put on it.

Now what do they have a vested interest in, do you think?

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