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1. Tolerations. What are you putting up with? It can be little things or big things. Make your list. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to come up with ten; maybe even twenty, or more. When we get rid of our tolerations, we feel like we’re making progress, accomplishing something. It feels good; we feel good, lighter, with more energy to apply elsewhere. Even writing your list will help.
2. Shoulds. What are the ‘shoulds’ you’ve put on yourself, or that someone else has put on you? What ‘should’ you be doing right now, for example? Or with your life? or time? or money? or career? or lifestyle? or what you wear? Again, make your list and review it. How much of your life are you living based on someone else’s ‘shoulds?’ Is that how you want to continue?
3. Frustrations. List the things that are frustrating you right now about yourself, your life, your work, or others? How would your life be different without them? Better? Is that something you’d like to work for?
4. Money. Money, or lack of it, and our relationship with it, is often the heart of our issues. It causes stress and pressure builds. It has to go somewhere. Worry and anxiety harm ourselves and do nothing for our welll being. What kind of ‘money baggage’ are you carrying? Reduce the stress, for your own health and happiness. Find a better, healthier relationship with money.
5. Coaching Clubs and Private Programs. Many coaches offer a menu of private programs and group options to fit diverse needs and budgets. The coach’s website is a place to learn more. At the least, have a conversation if there’s a coach you’re interested in. There may be additional possibilities to fit your needs.
6. Desires. What do you really want in your personal or professional life? Is there a goal you’ve put off? A success you want to accomplish? A passion and purpose you’re ready to step in to? Where do you want to be stretched or mentored to the next level? Or where do you need support and accountability to finish what you started?
7. Integrity. Self-care. Are you taking care of yourself and your body? Are you stressed out? Eating or drinking too much? Running on adrenaline? Not enough sleep? Avoiding the truth of a situation? Not taking time for yourself? Do you like the person in the mirror?
8. Outcomes. You know what you want, you’re focused, and you want some professional support to do it: Weight loss or quit smoking, or preparing and giving a speech in front of an audience, for example. Nothing wrong with a tightly focused intention. Go for it.
9. Strategies. Here you know what you want; you’re just not sure how to do it, get it, or make it happen. So you work with your coach on strategies and develop a plan to get you what you want, in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of stress.
10. A change or improvement. Change happens. And sometimes we have to make adjustments–in ourselves and in situations. It might be a job change, or promotion we’re after, or we’d like to improve our self-image and confidence and be more effective. Or maybe we’re bored and want more meaning and happiness in our days. What change or improvement has your name on it?
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. – Henry David Thoreau

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