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Life wisdom from Alexandra Stoddard:
Some of us were born enthusiastic and others were not. … You can develop an enthusiastic attitude. You might not have an enormous talent for a specific activity, but you can develop interests–in poetry or birdwatching or faux finishing or astrology–and become enthusiastic about your discoveries in nature and in your human nature. Keep trying new activities until some of them click. Try belly dancing or tap dancing. Moving our bodies increases our vitality–so does laughing at ourselves. This is a beginning.
Loss of enthusiasm quickens the aging process because you lose your life force. Your cells and your immune system weaken. When we’re not enjoying ourselves, we feel old and we age prematurely because life is no longer fun. Unhappiness diminishes our light, our power.
Discover objects of your affection. Become passionate about the things you choose to live with. Awaken your senses. Tenderly, lovingly, find more and more things that appeal to you–whether it is a table that inspires your muse or a certain place you like to go on a walk, or a painting you love to gaze at. Be aware of the power of tangible, physical objects you find beautiful and useful to elevate your spirit. When you understand that everything has an inner force, a hidden dimension, your enthusiasm can be increased and sustained throughout a long, happy, meaningful life.
Exceprt from Time Alive by life philosopher and interior designer Alexandra Stoddard. Thank you for the inspiration.

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