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Today’s reflection from The Grandmother of Time
December 31 – Hecate’s Day (Roman)
Hecate is the third, elder of the triple goddess Maiden-Mother-Crone, the archetypical third stage of woman’s lifetime. Hecate is Goddess of the Crossroads, the wise woman who can see three ways at once. She is here at the forks in the road.
“The year is turning. The flames of the hearth are rekindled. Hestia/Vesta, the Goddess of the Flame, is honored. Build fires in this season, in a fireplace or outside. Light lots of candles to brighten this winter month. Banish fear, raise joy, for your journey around the sun is complete. Give thanks for the rich experiences you have had and renew your hope for another ticket around the sun.:
Queen of heaven, Goddess of the Universe,
The One who walked in the terrible chaos
and brought life by the law of love
And out of chaos brought us harmony
And from chaos she has led us by the hand.
Woman of women, Goddess who knows no equal,
She who decrees the destiny of people,
Highest ruler of the world,
Sovereign of heaven,
Goddess even of those who live in Heaven–
Hear our prayer!”
(Budapest, Zsuzsanna, The Grandmother of Time, 242, HarperSanFrancisco, 1989, and Mirrors of Womanhood, 107).
When you gather by the fire and the candles today, celebrate and honor the journey and the crossroads. Go forward trusting your inner knowing that has brought you this far and will guide you again. Blessings, peace, prosperity, and love be ours…and so it shall be. Happy New Year’s Eve.
– Anne
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