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Technology should make life easier, not add to frustration and stress levels. It does, though. Because it stops the flow of systems and getting things done. I got a new cell phone, an Android Mesmerize. The sales reps are really nice, I have a plan I like, and have met good people. It’s the cell phone and technology compatibility issues that are so frustrating…and time-consuming.
It should be easy to sync an Outlook Calendar with an Android cell phone. Except it’s not. Google does not play nice with Outlook. Sure, Google has a sync feature, except that in the ‘known issues’ it states that it does not work with the newer 64-bit processor on PCs. And these are ‘smartphones’?
Okay, I’m venting. Not my usual style. It’s just that my business brain is boggled that supposedly smart business executives at major companies like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are blocking the productivity (and loyalty) of business customers because they’re not working together to make compatibility a priority.
It’s not about competition, folks. It’s about collaboration and cooperation to get things done, to support the flow of business, productivity, creativity, and customer praise. And that requires compatibility of technology.
There’s no shortage of customers who use and want to use your technology. We’re excited about the capabilities and possibilities….if you can just make it simple and easy for us to do that and be compatible with our basic productivity tools–like the Outlook calendar.
In this 21st century, businesses that want to build loyalty and grow, need compatibility of technology. Because ‘incompatibility issues’ are major deal breakers–just like they are in relationships. And if you want to be happy, compatibility in relationships is perhaps the key factor.
So, I still need a simple way for my (Samsung Android) phone calendar to sync with my laptop (Windows 7, 64-bit) Outlook calender. That’ should be easy. … except it hasn’t been. Help, please. Recommendations? And yes, I am open to new cell phone suggestions too.

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