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What’s RIGHT with the world?
The politicking has started again. Why is it fashionable, newsworthy, or popular to criticize, bash, and put down the President, the First Lady, or any in leadership–especially when we celebrated their winning so heartily?
The pattern repeats, over and over again. It doesn’t matter who is ‘at the top.’ The ‘news’ is always about ‘pulling them down.’
There is a lot of GOOD in the world–in our country, in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces, anywhere we look for it. What we look for, we will find.
Our media seems to define ‘news’ and ‘newsworthy’ as those happenings that are less than uplifting, honorable, commendable, desirable. What if ‘news’ and ‘newsworthy’ were redefined?
What if reporters, radio deejays, newscasters, bloggers, photographers, newspaper and magazine editors started reporting, talking about, showing, highlighting in any way they could, all the kinds of inspiring, commendable, honorable, desirable happenings, they could find? And what if we as consumers also raise our standards in that direction?
What we see, talk about, what we hear, what we read–there are copy cats! We are influenced through words and pictures; our imagination and what we fill our environments with, always encourages and attracts more of the SAME.
What do we want MORE of in 2012? If we really want a better world, each one of us has the power of influence, especially those in any media positions–and the rest of us as supporting consumers. Thoughts and words become things. And MUCH FASTER than in previous years. Have you noticed?
There are great changes predicted in 2012. There is great energy to create flowing. I encourage all to use their thoughts and words, reporting, and consumer awareness, to speak and share, talk about, write about, only those elements, experiences, commendable, honorable, desirable happenings, and good news worthy of copy cats.
You and I do have the ability to influence the world around us. Use your voice, your talent, your words, and make them good. Shine a good news spotlight in 2012. Your efforts will be powerful and magnified. Happy New Year!

One thought on “Good News Reports requested

  1. Ann, you KNOW I am onboard with you and this idea of reporting good news. And I know exactly what medium can be used to talk about it! OK, coach, let’s bring the good news media back to the forefront of my goal setting to see if there is a way to work it in around school.
    For anyone else reading this comment, my goal, with which Ann is still coaching me, is to have an outlet that only reports good news. The first part is the name with has been established as True Visions Media. If there is any one who would like to financially (or in any other way) support such an endeavor, let Ann know and she can connect us.

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