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Life wisdom from Maria Shriver:
I’ve learned it’s OK to change. Sometimes it’s not just OK, but mandatory. You can let go of some beliefs that maybe have served you well along the way, but just don’t work for you anymore. We’re supposed to grow and evolve. We have to give ourselves the permission and freedom to stay open to change.
I’m not talking about running away or having plastic surgery or a dye job. I’m not talking about throwing away our core principles and values and morals. I’m talking about exactly the opposite. I’m talking about letting life’s experiences affect you and mature you. I’m talking about going down deep and find out where you’re at and where you need to go next.
And it’s not just losing a job that can ignite the process of change…. Life intervenes in many ways. People close to us pass away. New friends come into our lives. We go off to college or graduate school or move to another city. Children grow up and leave. Or our interests change, and we want to learn something new. We might remember old dreams and goals we had and decide it’s time to work toward them. Or we’re just plain suck and need something different to jump-start our lives.
That’s the time to unwrap the person you are and ask the question: “Just who will I be?” …
Not too long ago I came up with a list of Ten Things I Pledge to Myself, in order to keep myself focused and centered on just who I want to be. … I’m sharing it with you with the hope that you may enjoy coming up with your own pledge to yourself. But please write it in pencil—because just like you, it’s bound to change. And remember: Enjoy the ride!

My Pledge

1. I pledge to “show up” in my life as myself, not as an imitation of anyone else.
2. I pledge to avoid using the word “just” to describe myself. For example, I won’t say, “I’m just a mother,” “I’m just a student,” or “I’m just an ordinary person.”
3. I pledge to give myself ten minutes of silence and stillness every day to get in touch with my heart and hear my own voice.
4. I pledge to use my voice to connect my dreams to my actions.
5. I pledge to use my voice to empower myself and others.
6. I pledge to serve my community at least once a year in a way that will benefit other people.
7. I pledge to ask myself, “Who am I? What do I believe in? What am I grateful for? What do I want my life to stand for?”
8. I pledge to sit down and write my own mission statement.
9. I pledge to live my own legacy.
10. And I pledge to pass it on.

Your Pledge

1. …

Maria Shriver
Just Who Will You Be?

Today is a new day. What are your pledges to yourself? Your changes? What time and space and support would be on it?

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