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1.  Financial.
When citizens have abundant cash flow and feel financially secure, paying for, investing in, health insurance and health care is not an issue.  When personal finances are not abundant, however, then priorities come into play:  Food, shelter, phone, and electricity… health insurance?  Common sense.
2.  Philosophical.
Wellness is not the real focus of the corporate medical model.  In fact, it is in direct conflict to the vocation of healing.  (Rose Kumar, MD)  Routinely prescribed drugs have major known side affects, including death.  There are increasingly more citizens taking active control of their health through natural, drug-free, and integrated means.  And very successfully.  They want Health Freedom and to invest in the maintenance and preservation of their health and that of their families in ways that make sense to them.  “Your food will be your medicine.”  Healthy body stuff.  Investing in wellness and lifestyle care.  Personal ownership and common sense; trusting intuition, nature’s lessons.
3.  Life and Death.
As great as the human person is, we can not create life or prevent death.  None of us gets out of here alive.  Somewhere, there’s a transition to be faced into another kind of life state…NO exceptions.   When is “preventing death at all costs” costing too much?  Self directives – living wills, medical powers of attorney; palliative care preferences and options.
4.  More common sense thoughts.
There’s been big money in drugs and health care and health insurance.  Playing field elements are shifting; values are shifting; fortunes are shifting.
Have health care and health insurance out-priced themselves beyond common affordability?  If so, we have a ripe environment for new evolutions.
No one has more interest in our health and happiness than we do ourselves.

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