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When things are not as you would like them, make a request, create a proposal.
There is a process to doing that effectively, and that’s what you’ll receive and practice in tonight’s group session…and I’ll work with to create your own, work-related or personal, proposal and request to change something.  It could be work hours, quiet space, alone time, an important conversation, or whatever will support your desire and ability to take care of your health and happiness and bring out your best.
We have a voice; we know what our spirit and body needs to be strong and healthy; we know what brings us to life and what we thrive on.  Those things are vital for us to protect, preserve, and create if we have to.
Boundaries.  Proposals.  Requests.  Life, health, happiness, Love-Your-Life preservation and restoration tools.  Whether it’s work or family, it’s you that sets the boundaries for your own well-being.  No one else knows you or cares about you more than you do.  Most don’t read minds either…which is where proposals and making requests comes in!
Tonight’s group, the Art of the Proposal, is a special Love-Your-Life lesson I added for the summer.   It’s been a summer of learning to speak one’s truth and find one’s voice, as the women have shared with me.  Class meets 6:30 pm at the Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha tonight.  RSVPs are required.
I take private appointments also–and I LOVE them!  …If it were me, though, and or you have budget-friendly interests, the group session tonight is the way to go.
RSVPs are required…if you want me to be there.  It IS SUMMER for me too!
Love Your Life, Grow Your Greatness, Live Well … Heart and Soul.  It matters and YOU matter.

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