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angelI so keep getting reminded that we’re only visiting here.  It’s a gig we signed on for.  And once it’s completed, once the work we contracted for is done, we move on.  We don’t get to lolly-gag longer.
…And maybe the rest of our work requires our spirit to be free and much more mobile and magical that our physical forms would ever allow.   It has been a year of losses; there are angels on my mind…especially one.
The first round of anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and memories are done now.  I feel gratitude–five months and the big ones–for me–have all happened.  Emotions still surface–and with them, tears.  There are fewer, though, and more peace.
I look forward, and enjoy the now.   The lens I see through is deeper, more layered, sensitive, aware.  And there is grace too.
Insights, learnings
Time is precious.   Life is now; do what you love now.   
Follow your heart. Honor intuitions, inspirations…and say thank you when little magic messages show up. … pennies in my path, blue mini vans everywhere, a purchase (gift to me) that rings up for one penny, tripping on a lovely blue stone (your birthstone color), the interlocking-heart necklace, thought-droppings
Life and death are very specific, personal (and necessary) soulwork journeys to each of us.  These are the powerful experiences that life throws in our path to deepen, awaken, and shape us…in whatever way our personal journey, and that of others connected to us, requires.
It’s a process; still unfolding, playing out.
Feelings and emotions and tears come and go.  Allow them; we need them.
Releasing emotional ties (to human heartstrings)…comes through tears.  “Dissolving them with tears … not with a scissors or a knife.”  I (we) can’t magically clip them, these heart-string attachments, these humbling earth-plane elements of distraction.
Tears and time dissolve emotional attachments…leaving only the feelings of love and connection we always had.
Tears… Water ….  Cleansing and clearing, healing…  Running its course.  Tears are necessary.  Tears dissolve and wash away emotions that are not needed beyond our physical existence.  Feelings, like love and presence, live forever.  The attachment get washed away–with tears… and time.  After time and enough tears, the edge is washed off the pain.  Think river rocks washed smooth.
This physical body is finite; our love and spirit–and magical senses, abilities, that come with it (like angel wings), are always alive–and at play.
Breathe in, believe and trust, and let go and let it be. – Anne

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