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It’s a quiet New Year’s Eve, and I’m reading these words of guidance and encouragement from Conversations with a Friend.  And I share them so you can perhaps also be guided and encouraged by them.
As we look to our future this night and in the days ahead, take along what resonates and sticks with you; gently thank and release the rest.
Happy New Year and much love. – Anne
a clipping from Conversations with a Friend by Dalende (Gelma Bruce):

“That is why it is so important to love and share this love with all other beings. Love generates more love and erases hate and fear.
Fear should be erased from your thoughts and feelings.  Fear is the most damaging of emotions, because it blocks the flow of energy.
When you operate out of fear, your energy flow stops and creativity is destroyed.  It is destroyed in the sense of having the ability to create positive and loving images.
Creativity continues in the form of having the ability to create images based on fear that will only increase your fear and block even more of your energy flow.
The blocking of your energy flow generates all sorts of problems, both physical and spiritual.  Physical energy blocks lead to illness, and spiritual energy blocks lead to desperation and frustration.
The one thing that you must remember from this lesson is this:  do not let fear enter your thoughts and feelings.
Always try to think of love and compassion and the problems in your life will disappear.  It is as easy as that.
Remember that fear blocks energy, and, since everything is energy, you are actually blocking absolutely everything from entering your sphere of energy and manifesting.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  You are always supported in loving care. …”

– Dalende, Gelma Bruce, Conversations with a Friend

Conversation with a Friend
Have a beautiful night and magical new year.
For more encouragement like this, January is all about looking in to our future and choosing what we’d love to have and experience in ours…classes, special opportunities, tools …or get the book and read more on your own.  Many doorways; the one you choose will be perfect. – Anne

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