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tomorrows_irl-detailThere are times when inspired reminders are just what we need to refocus and recharge our spirit and energy.  Words, lyrics, healthy brain food.
On those gloomy days when the sun hides her brilliance; the middle of the night when it’s dark and we’re alone, and everything feels different than in the daylight; when unexpected news or happenings trigger and tamper with our trust that everything will be okay.
You know the ones…  Those inner gremlins that play with our faith, trust, and confidence; our inner ego who’s role is to protect us–from anything that might be a change
We are learning so much more about our selves, about our spirit, and Love that lives for ever–at least, I am; and its powerful creating energy essence…and the power of LOVE and gratitude, feelings and thoughts…and our voice.  We are divine beings, living a physical-world experience…because we came here with stuff to do and lessons to learn and grow from.  Like you, I’m still exploring and learning.  Yes, I know, there’s more to come.  Lessons and learning and growing.   (And I’d prefer them to come with ease and joy, please.)
So here are some inspired reminders that crossed my path the last few days.  I share with the intention to offer healthful brain food options, alternative thoughts and music, to change thought directions and energize your spirit when gremlins and shadows sneak in.
If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion— but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.
— Abraham
Considering your grandest and most glorious dreams:
When your thoughts and visualizations pertain to the “hows” (how they will come true), or when they include an insistence upon unimportant details (virtually all details are unimportant; think of them, yes, but just don’t attach to them), or when they require specific people to behave in specific ways… at the very best, your efforts will only increase the likelihood of your desired dream coming to pass.
Whereas, when your grandest and most glorious dreams are BIG-picture items, like rocking abundance, total fulfillment, amazing health, vivacious happiness, and the like, the floodgates of success begin to powerfully tremble and your manifestation becomes inevitable.
Hark… a tremor I do detect…
    The Universe
You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted. To connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention. Not because the objects of attention are important, but because the act of flowing is essential to life.
— Abraham
Don’t push the river; it flows on its own.
Flashdance – What a Feeling
Take care.  And tap in to more.  Much love.  – Anne

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